Update on Steel Legend


Level Editor for Steel Legend Game

Well I decided on a name for this project, “Steel Legend”. About two weeks in and I finally completed a very rough level editor for the game. It’s not really a level editor as the game is one giant level, more like a room tile editor. I’m able to add doors and tiles from different tilesets and a bunch of other stuff like backgrounds and wall sprites. So far all the tiles I made myself other than a few extra graphics here and there I took from somewhere on the net. I intend to use internet supplied graphics for the main character and enemies and so I’ve picked up a few spritesheets as well.

First Game Project


For my college java course I must create a game as a final project. This will be the first game project that I plan to complete to some extent. My plans for this game are for it to be a simple side scrolling adventure game. The final result may have a developed story, but I’m guessing I’ll lean more towards actual programming and design challenges instead of any actual storyline development. As my first game that I will code from scratch and in a language I have zero experience with, I do not know how this project will work out throughout the next few months. I will post updates once I get some actual work done on it.





This site is a domain for all personal projects I will work on throughout my career. I am a computer science student learning more about software and game development, and want to make some of the work I’m doing more public. The projects I post about here will have mixed licenses, meaning some will be open source for everyone to toy around with, while some others (most likely games) might not be. If you know me more personally, ask for a referral to join at nbrip.com so we can chat.